Advertising Revenue Platform Burt Intelligence Acquires AI Company Inventale

Jul 27, 2021

New York, NY - (July 7, 2021) - Burt Intelligence, a Software-as-a-Service platform empowering decision makers to analyze and share their advertising data and provide revenue forecasting insights for publishers and brands, today announced the completion of its acquisition of Inventale’s Forecasting Management System (IFMS), an artificial intelligence company offering industry-leading ad inventory forecasting analytics, data-driven yield optimization tools, and ad campaign optimization. Burt Intelligence, with Inventale’s Forecasting Management System capabilities, will continue to do the heavy lifting of aggregating data and empower publishers and brands to make better decisions impacting their most pressing revenue issues each day.

The acquisition of IFMS expands Burt Intelligence’s capabilities for its current and new customers which include granular forecasting of available advertising inventory, campaign pacing forecasts and yield optimization, and a new feature to advise publishers on correct market value pricing for advertising inventory.

Capabilities from IFMS allows for better evaluation of how advertising inventory performed historically, and how it should be priced for the current market to achieve maximum value. New capabilities include custom models that allow publishers to evaluate specific audiences, such as women aged 25-34, without relying on third party identifiers such as browser cookies and IDFA. This allows publishers and brands to finally make data-driven yield decisions that optimize pricing, drive revenue, and create efficiencies through insights-based decision making in real time. The acquisition also enables Burt Intelligence to solve forecasting challenges in a way that existing solutions do not. IFMS Founder, Dr. Igor Minakov, will take on the role of General Manager within Burt Intelligence and continue to oversee the 20 employees making the move with him. 

“We are excited to be onboard with Burt Intelligence and cannot wait for this new opportunity for our product to reach and empower more publishers across the world” says Dr. Igor Minakov, founder and general manager of IFMS.“ We see great synergy with Burt's vast experience from the Advertising industry, combining their deep analytical expertise and global footprint with our expertise in AI and ML. Plus Burt's proven and growing sales team. And as the cherry on top - perfect culture match and same ambitions, it's like a marriage made in heaven.”

“Igor has been an integral part of the adtech world for over 15 years and his background as a researcher with a PhD in Artificial Intelligence is further proof that what they have built at Inventale is special,” states Carl Leskinen, co-founder and CEO of Burt Intelligence. “The advertising landscape is rapidly changing with the disappearance of third-party cookies next year and Inventale’s AI-driven simulation technology is the only future-proof forecasting solution in the market which will magnify our footprint in North America and to all corners of the world.”

Burt Intelligence’s outright purchase of IFMS comes on the heels of a financially successful 2020, amid global business uncertainty. The profitable year with sustained growth has positioned Burt Intelligence to be aggressive with purchasing power and provides the company with a set of operational best practices that can be transferred into future acquisitions. An accelerated growth of the company’s AI learning and data management platform also allows Burt Intelligence to invest in and build on Inventale’s specialties. Burt Intelligence currently works with publishers including CBS, eBay Classifieds, News Corp and Tastemade and brands including Major League Baseball and NPR. 

About Inventale’s Forecasting Management System

Intelligent software tools to maximize the value of your ad inventory. Forecasting, monitoring and optimization, analysis and recommendations – all means to increase monetisation of your advertising business. Long-term scientific developments in the field of artificial intelligence are the cornerstone of Inventale’s software solutions. Our team consists of doctors and PhDs in technical and mathematical sciences, winners and runners-up of Olympiads in mathematics, programming and robotics, as well as experts with years of experience in the field of online advertising. We are constantly researching the advertising market and developing new intellectual tools to drive its evolution. For more information, please visit

About Burt Intelligence

Burt Intelligence provides revenue insights for publishers and brands to analyze and share their advertising data. Our solutions are used by thousands of the most forward-thinking ad-operations, programmatic and sales professionals to accelerate revenue growth, reduce customer churn, provide insight on better decision making, and address the current state of advertising campaigns in real time. For more information, please visit

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