Burt acquires Inventale - Intelligent Advertising Yield Management Platform
Discover your inner Data Scientist.

Burt's cutting-edge AI software, combined with deep industry expertise, puts the power of machine learning in every business person's hands. The first Burt industry solution - Burt for Advertising - is already helping the world's top media brands drive tens of millions of dollars in growth.  Burt Advisor - a dedicated, personal digital analyst power by the Burt SaaS platform - provides real-time insights and recommendations to optimize revenue and performance.

Burt for Advertising is used by the world's leading media brands

Burt for Advertising - Key Workflows


Burt for Advertising acts as a single source of truth across all data sources. Let the Burt Advisor provide you with data-driven insights to accelerate revenue growth and improve client satisfaction.


Combine programmatic and direct advertising data to get the holistic view required to easily make decisions impacting your bottom line, guided by the Burt Advisor.


Automatically reconcile discrepancies between first and third party data sources to wrap up end-of-month reporting on the 1st and help finance improve cash flow with fewer rejected invoices.

Integration with 100+ advertising and media data sources

Client Services

Burt for Advertising consolidates advertiser data across multiple platforms. Give your teams and clients on-demand access to campaign and advertiser reports. See how.

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