About Burt
Automated insights for the advertising industry today, additional industries soon to benefit from the Burt approach, expertise, and platform.

The amount of useful data being generated far outpaces the capacity of analysts and data scientists who can engage with the data to effect change. Burt is on a mission to change that by bringing together deep industry expertise and AI. Our first solution - Burt for Advertising - has delivered on our vision and led to significant gains for Burt's customers, many of the world's leading media and publishing companies.

The Burt team, comprised of a diverse group of veteran technology, commercial, and business leaders, will extend the approach to other industries. Underpinning Burt's proven and powerful software platform is Burt's commitment to service and deep customer connections.

Founded in Sweden, Burt's team is now distributed globally, supporting its growing base of customers across all time zones.

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