Organize data from all your ad vendors in one place with Burt's consolidated advertising reporting platform

Yield & Revenue Management

Burt acts as a single source of truth across all your Ad Tech partners. Get the data-driven insights you need to accelerate revenue growth. Proactively address third-party discrepancies to increase margins and improve client satisfaction.

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Client Services

Burt consolidates advertiser data across multiple delivery and measurement platforms. Replace manual processes around data integration and management with automation to spend more time on tasks that deliver improved customer conversions and engagement. Give your teams and clients on demand access to campaign and advertiser reports.

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Ad Operations

Burt provides you with one centralized platform from which to analyze performance across all your campaigns, manage and prioritize tasks, and to discover critical insights. Easily identify campaigns that aren’t meeting their delivery goals – and submit requests to fix those delivery issues – all in one place.

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